Organize Your Life with GQueues: the Google Task Manager

By August 27, 2010

Chicago resident, software engineer and entrepreneur, Cameron Henneke needed a robust online task manager to help him manage his ever growing task list. After some research he found that none of the tools available suited his needs. As a result, Cameron began developing GQueues, a full featured google-oriented task manager that focuses on simplicity. By January of 2009 Cameron was able to push out a basic application. What had started as a weekend project became a full-time job and a few months later Cameron became an entrepreneur fully committed to the GQueues project. As of April of this year, Cameron rolled out of beta and now provides a lite and subscription version.

The major draw for users using the GQueues task manager is that it provides easy access to current gmail users. There is no registration process; any individual with a gmail account can immediately sign in to GQueues and begin using GQues Lite. GQueues Lite features include: sub-tasks, default reminders, color coding, customized layouts, tagging and much more. GQueues also offers an advanced, subscription version for $25 a year. The subscription version offers google calendar integration, text/email reminders, collaboration, and assignment delegating.

According to users on the GQueues discussion board and other user reviews, users appreciate the easy to use user interface, the extensive help documentation, and price point. According to Cameron, GQueues’ user base is split in half between the individuals and small businesses. Recently, Information Week recently announced GQueues as one of the top five Google applications for small and mid-sized business.

Owner and developer Cameron, constantly upgrades GQueues features based on user requests and discussion board submissions. In the future you can look forward to Google Documents integration and offline viewing functionality for mobile users.

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