netTALK CONNECT Announces the Launch of the Spam Protection Suite, Giving Users the Ability to Protect Themselves Against Scam Callers

By January 30, 2020

netTALK CONNECT today announces the launch of its new spam protection feature, designed to automatically filter out unwanted calls. The feature is included with subscription to the Residential Phone Service plan

The suite includes several unique features that work to protect users against any unwanted callers. The Call Filter feature assigns each incoming call a “spam score,” in which calls receiving a score of 60% or higher are handled with a caller ID display of “scam likely” and a ring duration shortened to 15 seconds. Each “scam likely” call will then be directed to a RoboAgent, which is an intelligent bot designed to waste the time of the caller, discouraging them from calling again. Users are also able to easily assign any number to a whitelist or blacklist, allowing for customization as to which numbers can reach them. 

An additional layer of security comes through the PIN Shield feature, available to those with a subscription to the netTALK CONNECT VIP service plan. This feature requires all incoming callers to enter a random 3-digit code in order to reach the desired number, ensuring that all unwanted calls fail to reach their destination.

Spam calls and robocalls are only getting worse, growing 18% globally in 2019. While most calls are relatively harmless advertisements, some attempt to access customer data in order to be used for more nefarious means. To combat this issue, the ability to automatically screen calls could be the best defense.

“At best, scam calls harass and annoy people around the world. At worst, criminals are able to hijack information from upstanding citizens,” said Kenneth Hosfeld, EVP at the new netTALK CONNECT. “The Spam Protection Suite gives our users the ability to protect their personal wellbeing, their family, and most importantly, their data.”

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