Brand Blitzkrieg! Smart Tools For Smart Names

By June 25, 2012

Taking a cue from Paul McCartney’s affinity for pseudonyms, founding member of Ramones Dee Dee Colvin changed his name to Dee Dee Ramone in 1974. The rest of the band followed suit adopting the surname and an iconic punk band was born. With their punchy compositions and charismatic collective aura, the band moved audiences and influenced a generation of artists to come.

“Alright, I’m convinced everyone in my startup should adopt the same last name!” you say. But the process of naming your business mustn’t be arbitrary and so I present you three tools to achieve brand blitzkrieg.

1. Ninjawords

NInjawords Screenshot

Inspiration happens slowly and often involves hanging around a creek for an extended period of time. Ninjawords speeds up the process by throwing unique words at you at the speed of a ninja star.

Let’s say you have an idea for a not-for-profit charity but don’t know what to call it. You hit the random button on Ninjawords until you come upon “cordon.” The definition fits your mission perfectly and you are way excited right now.

2. NameNinja


Before you get tees printed for the Cordon Foundation, you stop by NameNinja to quickly find out whether the domain is available. Based on the results you see that only is available. To avoid overlap, you decide to test CorDonor and wow, all the green bars light up! Just one more step before you can order those CorDonor stickers.

In addition to swiftly checking domain availability, NameNinja also offers you suggestions based on popular search terms. Specificity of domain greatly influences SEO.

3. NameChk


Only jerks employ unpaid interns to do repetitive work. You’re better than that so you use NameChk to confirm at one fell swoop CorDonor’s username/vanity URL availability on 159 social networks.

Content with your smart and efficient naming choice, you sip tea from a CorDonor branded mug as We’re a Happy Family by Ramones spins playfully on the turntable.