Illinois startup partners with Purdue University to make pet medicines

By September 5, 2018

An Illinois startup is using technology from Purdue University in neighboring Indiana to create highly specified medicine for pets.

The startup, Pinpoint Pharma, has taken that technology from researchers at the West Lafayette university to create a printer that makes medicine at a much faster rate than normal, according to a report from

Pinpoint Pharma CEO Arun Giridhar has collaborated with scientists at Purdue University’s schools of pharmacy and engineering to make the modern printer that can provide a customized care plan for peoples’ pets. This gives it the advantage over normal vet medicines as it can be more efficient in terms of time and precision.

“When a pet has a specific requirement as determined by their vet, we can dispense the exact amounts and ratios of active ingredients needed for a pill, in a form and flavor that the specific pet will love,” Giridhar told “Our medicine printer allows veterinarians to be very precise in serving an animal as an individual rather than as the average of a population.”

He added that the printer allows for more uniformity in dose amount as usual prescription drugs can unintentionally vary in the amount of medicine they actually contain.

The Lake Forest, Illinois-based startup was chosen as one of just five Midwest startups for the Milwaukee gBETA accelerator program that hosts early-stage companies for seven weeks. As part of being included in the prestigious group, Pinpoint Pharma will receive $1 million in deals and new office space.

“Our experience with gBETA has helped Pinpoint Pharma move forward with our business model and develop new relationships with customers, mentors and investors,” Giridhar said.

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