Iconic Data Puts Patient Information at Provider’s Fingertips

By January 20, 2012

*This article is second in a series featuring the initial Healthbox Accelerator participants

THE IDEA:  Based in Norcross, GA Iconic Data is a cloud-based database of patient information doctors can use across multiple hospitals and offices.

THE BACKGROUND: After spending years practicing medicine at a large health system, Dr. David Laborde saw an opening that electronic medical record programs currently cannot provide. Many physicians would use Microsoft databases to track patients seen, but problems still persisted there. Iconic Data allows easier access to what patients have been seen and the plan of treatment.

“A physician might be caring for patient they don’t have primary care relationship with, which leaves very little information to structure a conversation about diagnosis, procedures and care plans,” said Laborde.

Also when responding to nurse pages or handing off patients between shift transitions presented another point of concern for having the most up to date patient information available.

HOW IT WORKS: Physicians have a way to track all patients seen and the same information is immediately available for the coding and billing personnel to access. Laborde said market research has determined with paper tracking, three days can pass between the physician’s actual care and when the coders and billers receive the information. Several things could be misplaced or misconstrued, potentially leading to violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

ON GOALS WHILE PARTICIPATING IN HEALTHBOX: Primary focus will be using Chicago’s vast healthcare systems to integrate Iconic Data’s product into their patient record keeping. With several large systems such as Northwestern, NorthShore University and Advocate, there would be no shortage of potential customers to dip into.

“We are actively looking to sign up channel partners to sell through to demonstrate from business standpoint,” said Laborde.


    • Unlock the value of siloed facility level data
    • Drive better clinical and business intelligence
    • Eliminate the pain of residency accreditation data collection

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