‘Buy Now’ Comes To FoodSpotting Thanks To GrubHub Integration

By July 20, 2012

Browsing the photos of double bacon-cheese burgers, mint-chocolate milkshakes, and other delicious foods on FoodSpotting, your mouth can’t help but salivate. And even though you just ate lunch, you can’t help but become hungry. When the feeling becomes more than your salivary glands can bare, you can learn more via Yelp, check out the menu via SinglePlatform, and make reservations using OpenTable, but with no ordering capabilities, Foodspotters keeps us hungry and hanging. Until now, that is.

FoodSpotting has announced a online ordering integration with Chicago startup GrubHub, which serves 300 cities and offers 15,000 restaurants.

Now when you see that totally unresistable dish on Foodspotting, you just need to click through to the ‘Place’ page to see if it’s available for pick up or delivery on GrubHub. Upon clicking “Order Now via GrubHub,” you will be taken to GrubHub’s mobilewebsite where you can order your food without having to log in.

In a blog post, Foodspotting let users know that it will continue to work to make the service the comprehensive experience possible:

“This is just the beginning — we’re working on ways to make it easier to find food you can order in or pick up, dish-specific ordering and more. But with over 15,000 restaurants in cities large and small across the US, we hope you’ll find plenty of great dishes you can order right from your phone!”