Groupon Offers Its Stock As Groupon?

By October 25, 2011

By now it’s old news that the shine is off for Groupon’s IPO. Previously valued at $25 Billion, Groupon’s IPO is now expected to be valued at $10 – $12 Billion.

If you are someone that is excited about the IPO and want to get in on buying some stock, now you can. (Er, sort of.) Groupon is offering its stock at the bargain basement price of $16 per share!

Okay… if you are paying attention, no they aren’t. Some merry pranksters at RunningShoes (who clearly think Groupon is full of it) decided to go ahead and mock up a prank site offering a Groupon on Groupon’s stock. Listed right alongside are offers for failed startups, MySpace, and Napster (ouch!).