Flyover Geeks In Running For Dockers’ $100K Challenge

By February 28, 2011

Flyover Geek’s Page In The Dockers’ $100K Challenge

Dockers has started a contest on Facebook called ‘Wear the Pants Project’ and is open to anyone with a Facebook account.

In it, entrants describe in 400 words how they would use $100K in prize money. I thought to myself, “Self, if ever there was a contest you should enter, it is this one.”

Lo and behold, with two weeks left in the contest, Flyover Geeks is running strong and is one of the top vote getters in the competition.

On March 15th, Dockers will review the Top 50 entries (determined by the number of votes they received) and then choose the 5 entries they feel best represent the nature of the competition.)

Once the Top 5 are chosen, from March 25th to April 1st the public will have a chance to vote on the project they feel deserves the $100K in prize money.

Here Is How YOU Can Vote For Flyover Geeks:

  • Have a Facebook profile
  • Follow this Link: Vote For Flyover Geeks
  • Facebook will ask you to allow Dockers to access your page. Click OKAY.
  • You’ll arrive at my page- you need to click the FB “LIKE” button at the top of the page
  • Click the “VOTE” button to vote for Flyover Geeks
  • Stop by Flyover Geek’s Dockers Entry EVERY DAY and VOTE EVERY DAY- You can vote once per day!

Pat yourself on the back- you’ve helped our chances in winning the $100K Prize- and when Flyover Geeks wins- great things happen.

Here is the Flyover Geeks Commercial for the contest:

I Am A Flyover Geek from Edward Domain on Vimeo.

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