Entrepreneur Spotlight: Meet Simerneet Singh

By February 23, 2013

“My passion is doing and teaching mediation. I find that it helps you make a better decision, evaluate situations more objectively and foster a more selfless environment among team members,” said Catapult’s Simer Singh.

Simer Singh joined Catapult in 2013 as a EIR ( Entrepreneur In Residence). Before starting his career, Singh attended and graduated from Loyola University with a Liberal arts degree. Then he went to law school at DePaul University, where he also received his LLM ( Master of Laws) in financial services and MBA.

Singh went onto work at ElectionMall.com. While there he presented to some of the top venture capitalist firms in Silicon Valley and private equity firms in New York. Helping them create an offering for the campaigns and elections vertical. Then came Todd Rumberger a Silicon Valley attorney and Foley Partner, who introduced him to Galen Mason. One of Catapults founders, who encouraged Singh to participate with the startups at Catapult.

Singh says.” As a Entrepreneur In Residence I can help share with startups my experience. Everyone has a core cmpetency. What Iam really good at is talking an idea and heping and Entrepreneur make it scale.”

Since joining Catapult Simer Singh has been advising several of Catapults startups in the area of SaaS (Software as a service) or consumer web. Singh also currently working on a startup in stealth.