Optimize And Measure Engagement On Pinterest With Pinerly

By April 29, 2012

It didn’t take long at all before Pinterest began driving more referral traffic than Twitter. However, until now, little was known about how to optimize and measure your pins to drive even more traffic to your website. Released earlier this month, Pinerly is web-based tool that helps you understand how image types, captions, and timing can boost traffic.

Pinerly was built by co-founder Rick Kats – who’s also the CEO of setNight, a Toronto-based social network for nightlife – and three additional team members. According to its website, the ideas came about after Kats noticed the power of Pinterest.

Using Pinterest gave us a huge boost in traffic (at some point over 30%) and we wanted to empower brands and users by helping them do the same.”

Pinerly helps you graphically measure real-time clickthroughs, likes, and re-pins for campaigns created through the service. You can create a campaign by selecting an image to pin, a URL to point to, and a caption to describe the pin.

Optimize And Measure Engagement On Pinterest With Pinerly

You’re able to measure the success of your campaigns through Pinerly’s dashboard, which features details about pinboard performance and overall engagement on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Optimize And Measure Engagement On Pinterest With Pinerly

Along with posting tools and analytics, Pinerly also offers several tips that can help you optimize your campaigns, including. For example, did you know that the best hours to pin are between 8pm and 1am EST? Additionally, it’s recommended that you promote a lifestyle, not a product. This is due to the fact that most people like the “idea” of something more than the physical product.

Other tips include creating pinboards that complement your website’s content. Draw attention to your website by publishing photos that are relevant to your board. For example, if you’ve created a board titled “Social Media Tips,” don’t pin photos of puppies.

Although Pinerly remains in closed beta, within one week, the site has received 36,000 signups. If its team continues to build out this handy analytics tool, it could be a critical asset for every marketer, not just those using Pinterest.