Drown In Inventory Or Save a Tree – COMIC

By December 27, 2013

“But when are you going to launch the printed version of the book? I still like leafing through physical books. It’s unfortunate that you are only launching an e-book.” 

Sure, the thought of launching a print book crossed my mind before I published my recent e-book. However, I was surprised how many times I received the above reaction after my book launch.

Why Launch a Book at all? 

Entrepreneurs (or anyone in general) can gain credibility and outreach by writing a book. If you have a story or even simple lessons to share, chances are someone wants to read it.

Why Launch only a Digital Book instead of a Print Copy?

Although, the feeling of flipping through a crisp book with vibrant images never gets old, there are specific strategic reasons to select a digital-only printing, at least for the first book. The reasons I decided to initially only launch an e-book include:

– Inventory Management – I spoke to and heard from various authors who regretted printing their books! The minimum order quantities of printing to get a good price for your book can be huge. Imagine printing 10,000 books, but only have demand for selling 1,000! This is an #entrepreneurfail. There are print-on-demand services available now, but the prices are still hefty.

– Making Updates – Found a typo? Making changes and then reprinting thousands of books doesn’t make sense. Digital changes can be made quickly.

– Distribution – To maximize the spread and sharing of your book, digital is the way to go. You’ll thank me when you get downloads from China, Nigeria, and Brazil all on the same day!

– Portability – Readers have the option to read on their e-book reader, phone, tablet, or computer. This means that some version of your book is ALWAYS with them.

– Feedback – Since the book is available digitally, readers can provide feedback with a click of a mouse, without ever leaving their book.

So in the future, will I ever launch a physical book? It’s possible, but in the meantime, the digital way is the ideal way to spread my ideas!


Have you launched a book? Which route did you decide to go? Do you prefer reading physical books or digital ones? Let us know in the comments below.