Don’t Overlook IT in Social Networking

By April 2, 2011

Someday, there is a good chance that social media marketing will be a major for college kids. Until then, we all get to this niche of the marketing world from somewhere else. Because of my extensive IT background, I’m frequently asked in job interviews or by consulting clients “How did you end up in marketing? or What attracted you specifically to social media?” It’s a legitimate question, but if you think about it, IT staffers with some marketing flair are the most ideal people to put in social media positions. Here’s why:

  • IT gets it. No one has to break down the benefits of the internet to IT because we already live there.
  • IT is social. Most IT geeks started out on BBS boards and in Usenet groups sharing cool stuff that we found or offering support to newbies. Social is a natural evolution.
  • IT is creative. If you think people who builds their own computers aren’t creative, you obviously haven’t been following the latest case mods. Some are quite beautiful!
  • IT is cool under pressure. A frustrated customer venting on a Facebook page can be a walk int the park compared to 50 users outside your server room wondering why they can’t get online.
  • IT pros are trainers. I’ve taught people how to use a mouse, Windows 95, and WordPerfect. I can train people on Twitter all day long and not get frustrated after that.
  • IT is connected. The only profession that has as many seminars as Marketing is IT. All of those conferences mean lots of connections and networking.
  • IT can bridge the gap. I’ve straddled the line between IT and marketing so I understand the frustrations of both. Get someone handling your social media like that, they can become the grease that makes the wheels turn.

There is nothing wrong with coming to social media from sales, marketing, accounting, or anywhere else within the organization. Many times it does matter the personality and how dynamic someone can be, but I feel like more IT staffers can handle the evolution and may have more of an interest in it than most companies may think.

I’d like to hear form the IT community as well as those from other areas on this. Do you think IT deserves a crack at corporate social media? The comments are yours!

This post originally appeared on Social Media Brat. Here is the link to the original article.