Consignment goes Hi-Tech with Chicago Kids’ Consignment

By September 16, 2010

South Suburban Mom of three Alicia Meyer was on vacation in the south where she ran into a unique concept: Hi-Tech consignment sales of gently used childrens’ clothing with very low overhead.

“I couldn’t believe what an incredible idea this was,” said Meyer, “and the light bulb went off in my head. I know so many women who get so much kids’ clothes that often an outfit is worn once or twice before a child outgrows it and they have nowhere to go with them.”

The packaged goods executive wasted no time and set about creating “Chicago Kids’ Consignment Sale”

“The way it works is simple and parents have a lot of fun with it,” said Meyer, “and it gives me a chance to connect with other parents of young kids while providing a valuable service to them in the form of great deals on kids’ clothes.”

To get involved, people visit the site Chicago Kids’ Consignment and sign up. When they do so, software launches automatically and sellers are able to create labels for the clothing they want to sell and then print off a barcode that contains all their information. They attach the barcodes and bring all the clothing to the sale and the system Meyer has scans the clothes at checkout and keeps a record of all the clothes sold and who they belonged to.

Sellers can make up to 75% of their asking price and for the clothes that don’t sell, Meyer has partnered with charities that people can donate the clothing to or they are free to take it home with them.

Volunteers are welcome for the event and in return get to shop a “pre-sale” before the event opens.

For those interested in the sale, here are the details:

Location: Francis Field (521 Francis Road, New Lenox, IL)
Date: Saturday Sept. 25th and Sunday Sept. 26th, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Full details are available online at Chicago Kids Consignment