CloudMine 1.0 Helps Companies Tackle Big Data For Every Platform

By June 28, 2012

cloudmine build apps

CloudMine isn’t in the business of coaxing the sleeping dinosaurs of the telecom industry to suddenly make moves toward returning to their glory days of innovation. Instead, the company’s products aim to take the pain out of app development for every platform. Its services are robust enough take on enterprise customers while remaining easy to use for even one-man shops, and that is getting the attention of Fortune 500 companies that want a sure bet before investing millions of dollars into research and development. A fortunate side effect of the company’s services is that enterprise level companies that are afraid to deal with big data now have the means to do so.

CloudMine, a back-end-as-a-service for mobile and web applications, has come out of beta and is launching version 1.0 of its platform. Built to support the needs of developers with data and computationally intense applications, the CloudMine backend is helping massive slow moving companies like the telcoms build new apps that are built to scale.

The company offers a platform that allows companies to save time and money thanks to two specific use cases. Companies can use CloudMine to unlock legacy data that can be easily reused via a new mobile app. CloudMine also allows developers to build apps on any platform without having to build the backend from scratch. CloudMine CEO Brendan McCorkle notes that enterprise level customers like telecoms are especially well suited to use CloudMine for rapid prototype development. When these companies use CloudMine as the backend, they are more likely to score a big deal because they are coming into the meeting with a working demo. McCorkle adds, “an app is more completing when it works. Plus, if anyone bites and they sell the product, CloudMine can handle the deployment. The app is already built for real, and CloudMine can take it from there.”

The company is now running more than 1,500 apps on its platform, which supports iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5, and more. CloudMine’s backend infrastructure takes care of problems with scaling and outages that can cause major problems when companies are hit with unexpected traffic and data problems.

“What happens if I get 10,000 requests at the same time as a developer? What if there is an earthquake in Virginia that makes the app go down because the data center is affected?” asked McCorkle, referring to an incident with Amazon’s EC2 serve last year that caused many of the web’s beloved apps to all go down at the same time. CloudMine handles potential issues like this before they even arise so that a company’s development team can focus on making a better product on the front end for users.