Chicago-based MiGym Connects Gyms And Their Members With Mobile Apps

By December 31, 2012

migym workout

Need some extra incentive to stick to your weight loss new year’s resolution this year? Consider joining a gym that uses the MiGym app to help you stay on track. Chicago-based MiGym is helping gyms across America become a part of their members’ lives 24/7. The company offers white label app solutions to gyms on both iOS and Android platforms. MiGym helps gyms publish class schedules, offer class booking and workout tracking to members.

MiGym works with both large gym chains and neighborhood gyms. Brands that use MiGym include Pura Vida, Club One, and UFC Gym. The MiGym apps have been downloaded over 2 million times, and the platform serves thousands of classes to users. “(MiGym) pushes us into the next wave where clubs are going. It trains the member that they can get information themselves and saves time — they don’t always have to pick up the phone,” said Anthony Macaluso, General Manager at Sporting Club San Diego. The On Your Mark gym has seen a significant decline in last minute class inquiry calls from members, and the Belmont Athletic Club has experienced a significant increase in fitness class attendance.

MiGym offers two paid plans for gyms and a larger custom corporate package for gyms who want to create a premium mobile experience for their members. This entreprise level custom service package includes SMS push notifications and workout tracking thanks to APIs from Body Media and Life Fitness.

George Monical, the CEO of MiGym, previously worked in business development at Allstate and as president of The Coupons App. Monical plans to develop relationship across the health tracking device market and the healthcare industry to create integrated app for gyms that let doctors know how often and how hard gym goers have been working out.