Chicago-based data firm makes expansion into Silicon Valley

By May 16, 2018

Chicago’s Uptake Technologies will be taking its talents to the Silicon Valley.

The data analytics firm created in 2014 that already has 750 employees at its arsenal will be opening a Bay Area office in June to further capitalize on expansion efforts. According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, the offices will be designed to focus on strategy and business development for the predictive data company that has previously secured deals and partnerships with Warren Buffett as well as other influential entrepreneurs and companies. It could employ up to 100 new workers at the Silicon Valley location.

The SaaS-based that uses its insights platform to analyze data for clients in industries like agriculture and mining had raised some $45 million by 2015, just nine months after being launched. It also focuses on providing cybersecurity, safety, and more efficient productivity for its clientele.

It was created by Groupon co-founder Brad Keywell and almost immediately named Forbes Hottest New Startup.

“When you talk about being a global company, you need to have a global presence,” spokeswoman Abby Hunt told the Chicago Tribune. “You can do a lot remotely, but as we start extending and growing we will be opening strategic locations across the globe. This just happens to be one.”

Besides Illinois, the influential Midwest business has already spread out with offices in Texas, New Mexico, and Canada. Last month, Uptake Technologies bought out New Mexico’s Asset Performance Technologies. Two years ago, it bought Canada’s CanAm software company.

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