BNC Tech Pitch Tonight at Chicago Syncubator

By November 17, 2010

Tonight BNC (Business network Chicago) is holding the latest installment of its Tech Pitch sessions. It will be held at the Chicago Sync Center, 322 S. Green St.

Event Details
Business Network Chicago and the brand new SYNC Technology Center ( have joined forces to host “TechPitch.” This event brings together Chicago’s most promising tech start-ups, angel investors, venture capitalists, bloggers and other tech enthusiasts to discuss cutting-edge ideas, disruptive technologies, and innovative companies. Start-ups pitch in search of capital and other valuable resources that are critical to their survival and ultimate success.


Mineful ( offers the most effective business intelligence software in the cloud today. The easy-to-use software helps organizations improve today’s marketing decisions and consider tomorrow’s new possibilities by connecting data and running statistical analyses. The company provides the analytical and visualization tools that help marketers become more successful. They are on target to generate $500,000 in sales for 2010.

MapDing ( is a real-time, location-based smartphone application for the next generation of local commerce. MapDing sellers can broadcast goods by exact or approximate location, search for the recent demand of a particular product in every zip code of the world, and set up notifications for nearby buyers. Buyers can search for anything nearby and store keywords in their smartphones to alert them when a desired product or service appears for sale. All messaging between buyers and sellers takes place within the application to avoid spam from outside users, and all products can be shared with friends on Facebook and Twitter. MapDing also allows local businesses to post products and instantly notify nearby customers of sales, specials, and specific items of interest. The application is currently available for iOS and Android devices.
TIP Solutions is an innovator in “Voice Centric” solutions. The company has 4 unique features that WILL change the way the world answers a call. These features are under patent protection. Additional ideas are being filed on an ongoing basis. The features were built onto Google’s Android platform and are available for demonstration. Currently, the company is in a sales cycle with 2 large manufacturers listed in the Fortune 100. They are seeking $1M to continue their sales, marketing, intellectual property and developmental efforts.

Date: Wednesday, Nov 17, 2010
Time: 5:30 — 8 p.m.
Location: 322 S. Green Street, 3rd Floor (1 block west of Halsted and 1 bock south of Jackson in the heart of Greektown, just west of the Loop. Dial 0300 to enter.)
Admission price: $10 online, $20 at the door (Online price does not include registration fees)
Registration link:
Online registration ends at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov 16, 2010

Each company receives a strict 5 minutes to pitch their idea followed by a 10-minute Q&A with the audience. An effective presentation should answer the following 4 questions:

1. What is the product/service?
2. How will the company make money?
3. Why is the management team qualified to run the business?
4. What traction have you gained? (Customers, key influencers, other important milestones.)

Evening Agenda:

5:30 — 6:00 p.m. Registration
6:00 — 6:45 p.m. 3 companies pitch their ideas
6:45 — 7:00 p.m. Interview with successful local startup
7:00 — 8:00 p.m. Open networking

“TechPitch” is hosted by the SYNC Technology Center, Chicago’s hottest new incubator for promising start-ups. The SYNC Technology Center provides the infrastructure (office space, legal counsel, marketing strategy, software development, contacts, etc.) necessary to nurture and accelerate the growth of early-stage companies.
The BNC Technology Group facilitates structured networking among technology professionals and brings in speakers to address the latest trends in technology.
The BNC Entrepreneur Group provides a forum for wannabes, start-ups, and small business owners to share resources, best practices, and experiences to support each other in building a successful company.
The BNC Venture Capital Group introduces early-stage companies seeking capital to accredited investors: angels, venture capitalists and private equity firms seeking add-ons. Each month 3 start-ups pitch their business plans to a mixed audience of investors, service providers, and entrepreneurs. The top 3 or 4 companies are invited back quarterly for an investor-only presentation to the clients of our host, Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell, and other accredited investors.
If you are an early-stage tech company and want to present at “TechPitch”, contact David Carman at: 312-943-6376 or [email protected]
To find more information about BNC groups, go to: