They’re Coming for You: Invasion of the B Movie Posters

By October 31, 2011

Alright, so it’s not exactly ‘innovation’, but Invasion Of The B Movie Posters IS brilliantly cheesy. The concept is simple enough: upload any photo to the B-Movie Poster app and create an awesomely lame movie poster. The app doesn’t allow you to write your own titles, but being forced into ridiculous frivolity is half the fun. Like most stupidly addictive apps, Invasion Of The B Movie Posters’ addictive brilliance is best understood in application rather than explanation.

But before we roll film, here’s one ghoulish idea for Halloween fun:
Tonight when you see your company’s CEO dressed up as Nyan Cat, snap, click and upload your purrfect pic into B-movie infamy.

You can learn more about Invasion of the B Movie Poster  here and download the app from iTunes: