Apple’s problem – $elling Mac$

By September 3, 2010

Written by: Dario D.

STILL, less than 4% of computers worldwide are Macs. I dislike that fact, because Macs are just as good as PC’s, in my opinion (not better, but just as good). They also help the world move forward by coming with a huge psychological awesome-factor that, among other things, prods companies of all kinds to improve their designs (just so their products aren’t forgotten), and think with a more long-term, “futurist” mentality. (they also inspire the people who get them to clean their rooms and houses! Dead serious.)

The Apple guys should have figured out by now that they can’t just conduct business-as-usual, if they want to become huge… (people have been banging on their doors for years to JUST… TRY… SOMETHING… DIFFERENT to help Macs become more widely used)…
Try things like, as I see it, lower their stinking prices, since it seems to me that all the world’s people:

1) already WANT a Mac… but,

2) don’t want to pay 2x the price of a PC for one. (and then you can’t just upgrade it, in 2 years… If you want to move up, you have to buy a whole new one)

Average Cost of ‘Desktops’ (as opposed to laptops):

PC: $550 (but most lowest-end PC’s don’t come with monitors, so, let’s bump this up to $700). So:
PC: $700
Mac: $1,543

Average Cost of Laptops (which many idiot manufacturers have been forever trying to rename to “notebooks”… even more retarded now that there are the infinitely-confused “netbooks”)

PC: $700
Mac: $1,515

Even the Mac Mini — the cheapest of which is $600 — will actually cost close to $1,000, after you buy its missing screen, speakers, keyboard, and mouse. (probably bringing the average Mac’s cost up) There’s nothing “mini” about paying $1,000 for a computer with less than half the power of an equally-priced PC (and that $1,000 is for the lowest-end model only, which is EMBARASSINGLY low-end). You need to understand the magnitude of fail here: $1,000 will almost allow you to build TWO ‘Crysis’-capable PC’s. (almost! Don’t go telling your friends 2, now) (n00b note: a ‘Crysis’-capable PC is a computer that can run the almost photo-realistic video game, Crysis)

This pic I made below shows what I think MOST of Apple’s problem is… (but reaching a lot further than just Macs, since I firmly believe that price is Apple’s alpha limiter in almost all fields).

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