75% of Students Say On-Campus Wifi Means Better Grades

By January 9, 2012

Yesterday’s children of the Internet are today’s college students. So it’s not that surprising that a recent study by OnlineColleges.net found that 75% of  US college students say that on-campus WiFi access helps them get better grades and 60% say they wouldn’t attend a school without free WiFi.

According to Online College’s infographic, 47% of students believing technology makes their professors better at their job,making it obvious that they don’t just want access to technology; they want it deeply integrated in classrooms. The majority even prefer a “blended” classroom environment, one that incorporates both online and offline resources, over a traditional experience of choosing one or the other.

But just because students would prefer a technology integrated classroom doesn’t mean they are getting it:

  • 43% say their campus institute needs more technology
  • 39%  wished teachers used email more
  • 31% wished more teachers used eBooks