WindyCityDB, NoSQL Conference

By June 27, 2011


“Smart people learn how to write code. Smarter people learn how to write code that writes code.”

WindyCityDB held its annual conference on Saturday, June 25th in Chicago. The event focused on NoSQL databases, exploring non-relational databases that are necessary to power today’s web applications. A variety of experts shared knowledge, advice, and ideas on different topics surrounding NoSQL.


In addition, the ‘NoSQL Lab’ allowed attendees to test out a variety of tools like  MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, Riak, and more. With over a hundred different databases out there, a hands-on approach allowed the attendees to test drive the different types of NoSQL databases.

WindyCityDB is part of the Windy City series of conferences that also include WindyCityGo (mobile) and WindyCityRails (Ruby on Rails) conferences. ChicagoRuby and Wisdom Group have organized the conferences since 2008. The WindyCity series of conferences has attracted developers, programmers, designers, entrepreneurs, investors, and more–to learn, share ideas, and make new connections.

Upcoming conference, WindyCityRails is scheduled is for Sept 17th, for all those passionate about Ruby on Rails.