Funny Yet Evil TextReject Rejecting Lots Of People

Techli introduced you to TextReject back a couple weeks and since then things have gotten interesting for the new St. Louis startup.

In just over two months, the joke turned startup has:

– Had 2,398 incoming and outgoing text messages.

– A TV appearance

– 350 unique phone numbers texting or calling text reject phone numbers

– Over 19,000 pageviews

The rejection you see at the top of this article is a real one- someone actually got that text back. If you are the evil type, head on over to TextReject and watch people get dumped in real time.


Edward Domain

Edward is the founder and CEO of He is a writer, U.S. Army veteran, serial entrepreneur and chronic early adopter. Having worked for startups in Silicon Valley and Chicago, he founded, grew and successfully exited his own previous startup and loves telling the tales of innovators everywhere. Follow on Twitter: @EdwardDomain

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