The 2012 Social Media Election [Infographic]

What if social media told the story of the 2012 Presidential election? At this point President Obama seems to have a pretty clear advantage across the board in terms of followers,likes, and fans. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, President Obama’s 2008 election campaign leveraged social media to help win the election; so to be fair the President had a nice head start on his Republican opponents. Interestingly enough, although Herman Cain is no longer running for the Republican nomination his web traffic is through the roof amidst his affair allegations; trumping even the President. I guess that goes to show you the power of gossip on the web.

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Andrew Torba

Andrew is the CEO of, a Social Media as a Service (SMaS) platform. Andrew is also a senior at the University of Scranton where he double majors in Philosophy and Political Science with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Over the past year he has researched and documented over 500 tech startup companies from across the globe. Andrew has a passion for entrepreneurship, technology, social media, and weight lifting.

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If you take a look at this study it shows a very different picture. Traffic is one thing – but they measure positive vs. negative tweets, blogs, news etc. Obama may have more traffic, but he has far more negative tweets, news and blogs stories thank positive.  Anyhow – I think the point is well taken, however… it’s amazing what Social Media can do for candidates.

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