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Storage by the Box is storage without leaving Home

Entrepreneur founder of Storage by the Box Phil Murphy hit upon his business idea after discussing a problem with friends of his who just didn’t have enough room for their stuff. “Traditional storage places all...  [Read More]

More Great Stuff on “I Am 4 Kids”

Yesterday Flyover Geeks introduced you to the non-profit I Am 4 Kids and in addition to having the story run here on Flyover Geeks I also had it run in Crain’s Enterprise City for the...  [Read More]

Startup “I Am 4 Kids” snags NFL Superbowl Sponsorship

Entrepreneur Mark Papadas had his “A-HA!” moment in bed one night, unable to sleep. “Like a lot of people, I was looking for work in 2008 after a career opportunity didn’t survive the economy,” explained...  [Read More]

Closet Couture and Online Closets: The Next Big Thing?

Between episodes of Project Runway and copies of Lucky and Vogue, Christine Elia thought about what could be an easy way for women to share their closets and their styling advice. And Closet Couture was...  [Read More]

How KarmaKorn is Changing the Face of Philanthropy

By Anne Feher If I could make one small change, make one quick but meaningful impact each day, what would I do? As an almost 26 year old, I’ve had my fair share of guilt...  [Read More]

Power2Switch: Transition of Power to the People

The art of comparison shopping is often confined to homes & vehicles, advanced electronics, hotel rooms, air fares, & potential mates. Fortunately, the refreshing new venture, Power2Switch, offers the public one more industry to hem and haw over.  [Read More]

How to know when you’re on the right collegiate path

Last year I decided to leave Chicago for a job in Los Angeles. Today’s guest author, Alex, did the opposite. College is a stressful time for anyone, but what comes after college can be just...  [Read More]

Why An IP Lawyer Co-Founded The Largest Startup Conference In Midwest

Jonathan Pasky is a lawyer and one three guys behind Midventures, a Chicago technology consulting firm. A few months ago, they threw an event called midVentures25, which was a startup demo day. When the response...  [Read More]

FanVision helps NFL improve the stadium experience

With the boom of high definition television, cable channels such as NFL Red Zone and high priced NFL Tickets in a time of recession, watching football at home has become as desirable choice for football...  [Read More]

Chicago Police using Nixle to help you stay connected

The Chicago Police Department is now joining the social media scene by using text messaging. The department is using an alert based tool called Nixle. With Nixle, you can receive trusted, real-time neighborhood information directly...  [Read More]