ZoomShift Helps Balance Employee’s Schedules with Ease

By April 11, 2011

Among the first companies hatched from the Spreenkler Talent Labs project is Zoomshift.

ZoomShift is a web-based staff scheduling tool that simplifies the scheduling process for both managers and staff members in a restaurant or business environment. Staff members use ZoomShift to set their availability online from an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Then, logging into their own dashboard, managers can create schedules based on employee availability, post schedules, and push schedule notifications to staff members via email or SMS. Managers and staff members alike can then also access their schedules from anywhere and anytime via a computer or mobile device.

The application is nearing the end of Beta development, so I checked in with co-founders Benjamin and Nicholas Bartling to get more of an update on the positive features of ZoomShift, as well as startup life and the entire Spreenkler Talent Labs experience.

Benjamin and Nicholas started by telling me how ZoomShift began. Working in the restaurant industry and dealing with frustrations over scheduling, Benjamin saw a strong need to find a replacement. Benjamin knew there had to be a better way than the archaic pen-and-paper method of scheduling, so he collaborated with his brother Nicholas and pitched the idea at a Fast Pitch event to help fund it. Steve Glynn and Greg Meier with Spreenkler Talent Labs helped give the idea momentum, and now the application stands roughly a month from launch. Benjamin said that the biggest advantages working with Spreenkler Talent Labs was the easy access to other developers for help and guidance along with access to advisors and investors who are familiar with start-ups.

ZoomShift has some competition in this market, however their product’s ease of use and powerful yet simple interface are its main source of differentiation. To most, it is no secret that the restaurant industry can experience high turnover, therefore a cumbersome system that takes a lot of training can be a big problem when training new staff. Benjamin says ZoomShift eliminates the long learning curve and new staff can be using it effectively in far less time than their competitors. If your restaurant or project team is currently a scheduling nightmare, I would highly recommend ZoomShift to work for you. .