Why Entrepreneurs Make Us Laugh: A Compilation Of Startup Humor

By September 13, 2013

“If you don’t laugh at yourself, someone else will…” – Anonymous

We started creating entrepreneurship comics to laugh at ourselves while trying to launch various businesses. My husband and I realized we made foolish mistakes in our journey, and the mistakes were universal.  If you are an entrepreneur, we are sure you’ve faced them – the slow days, the uncertain days, the unexpected days and the downright hilarious days. We quickly realized that laughter, and the fact that others out there have been through it too, kept us going, keeping stress at bay.

So, are you laughing enough? 

In creating the comics, we don’t necessarily use an algorithm or a formula to determine what is funny and what isn’t. We are creating humor through truths that everyone knows but nobody admits.  Humor isn’t completely universal, so we acknowledge that some of the comics just don’t resonate as well as others. To help dig a little deeper, we investigated what actually made people laugh – and these are the criteria that apply most to #entrepreneurfail comics, and startup humor in general:

1. Relatability Theory – experiencing something in the past will make a joke amusing

2. Incongruity Theory – illogical or unexpected content makes something funnier

3. Superiority Theory – someone else’s mistakes or stupidity can be entertaining

4. Relief Theory – stimuli that reduce stresses can be humorous

5. Absurdist Theory – craziness in a situation or wordplay can tickle a funny bone

The Ultimate Guide to Startup Humor on the Web

And we aren’t the only ones laughing at ourselves as entrepreneurs. We’ve compiled all of our favorite online startup comedy to share with you. This book is a living, breathing, perspiring, and laugh-inducing guide to startup humor out there on the web. It includes chuckle-worthy comics, videos, posts, articles and more. You can get a copy of this eBook here.  Enjoy, and remember the following:

“Every time you find humor in a difficult situation, you win!” – Anonymous

Are you laughing at yourself enough? Can you incorporate any of those humor theories in your work everyday? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

 Check out more startup laughs on www.entrepreneurfail.com and get the largest compilation of entrepreneurship humor: Ultimate Guide to Startup Humor on the Web here!

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