Tyler New Media introduces MyCulture.tv

By March 15, 2011

ABlackWebDesign, a Chicago based web development company specializing in web customizations, recently had the pleasure of working with the up and coming social media mogul, Tyler New Media .

On Monday, March 14, 2011, they launched their latest business venture, MyCulture.tv. MyCulture.tv offers cultural 24/7 on demand videos from sources around the world. The site allows users to view video, comment and suggest similar content keeping viewers engaged and entertained.

So we wanted to sit down with the founding husband and wife team, Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, and see how Tyler New Media has taken its industry by storm.

1) Tell us a little bit about Tyler New Media and how you got started?

Tyler New Media is a full service new media firm specializing in online branding and consulting using social media and web 2.o technologies. We also produce professional HD quality video derived specifically for the purpose of being viewed on the web. We started by creating a blog in 2007 that focused on providing a positive outlook on marriage and parenting in the African American community. Since then the business has blossomed into other web properties, films and the creation of exclusive web content for ourselves and external clients.

2) We hear that you are launching a new website today called MyCulture.tv. What is MyCulture.tv’s focus?

The focus of MyCulture.tv is to provide a place where you can find mature, diverse video content on the web.

3) What prompted you to develop a site like MyCulture.tv?

We created MyCulture.tv with the purpose of filling a niche. We currently don’t think there is a place that offers diverse cultural content in video format on the web so we created one.

4) What will make MyCulture.tv stand out among the rest?

Quality. Technical quality of the videos that we run and the quality of the content in those videos as well. For years we’ve seen the worst of what the web has to offer go viral but now it’s time to see the other side. In addition we create original programming for the site to go along with other videos that we aggregate that have met our standards. These original programs will definitely give us a leg up on the competition.

5) Producing high quality material is most definitely an essential part of becoming a successfully established entrepreneur and we see you’ve succeeded in that area. Tell us about who you’re worked with and how they’ve added to your brand and success. What determined your partnership choices?

We work with a lot of bloggers honestly. Hand in hand because they know how to produce content, consistently on a regular basis. Most traditional media houses can’t pump out large volumes of content, in a short time frame with minimal staff but that’s all bloggers know how to do. This is why we love these types of relationships.

6) How has Tyler New Media been able to produce so many web and film projects so successfully?

I think we’re familiar with the type of content that’s lacking in the marketplace. There are other types of films that are needed in niche markets besides what Hollywood offers and there is an enormous opportunity sitting there for those willing to step up to the challenge. The same goes with web content.

7) Tell us a little about the Weblog award you received and other accolades.

We’ve received several awards for our primary blog BlackandMarriedWithKids.com. One of the most memorable was the About.com People’s Choice Award for Best Parenting Blog because we were voted in by the fans and were up against some heavy hitters. The other was recognition in Parenting magazine as one of their “Must-Read” blogs of 2010 because they are the top publication in that field.

8 ) What advice would you give an up and coming new media company?

To know the marketplace. Find an untapped niche and master it. Figure out what consumers in that niche need that isn’t currently being offered and be the best in delivering that need.

9) What’s next for Tyler New Media?

We’re always creating new content. More web shows and series, more films. Within the next year we’re going to work on creating several E-books. We also want to make the transition from documentary to dramatic film as well. We think that’s the next logical step and we have an audience that would be receptive so we’ll see.

10) How can readers find out more about Tyler New Media?

They can visit our website at www.TylerNewMedia.com and follow updates and new happenings on the company blog that they’ll find there.
Look out for more excitement from Tyler New Media!

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