Tell Congress YOU Work For The Internet

By December 14, 2011

In an effort to rush SOPA through Congress before the end of the year, the House Judiciary Committee will vote on H.R. 3261, the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA tomorrow.

Political analysts are predicting the  committee will pass the insidious SOPA bill which is backed by IAA, MPAA and various other companies – unless WE do something about it. Call your representatives and if you need help connecting with your legislators go to and they will connect you to your House Representative .

SOPA and its Senate approved cousin, Protect IP,  are dangerous, scary bills that will drastically affect how the Internet works and, more importantly, affect how everyone that uses the Internet in their daily work life is able to make a living.  Whole jobs and industries can be disrupted and affected by SOPA- it’s that dangerous.

To help illustrate what is at stake, Fight For the Future has launched a site called, “I Work For The Internet”  to show Congress just how many people make their living thanks to Internet freedoms.

If YOU make your living from the Internet – if your small business has a website,  if you are an artist, designer, musician, programmer, developer, UI/UX genius, Facebook user, ebay seller, blog reader, blog writer, restaurant, etc, etc, etc… head over to “I Work For The Internet” and add your picture and your name.



Do YOU Work For The Internet? They do!

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