SLU Parks College of Engineering, Aviation And Technology Recognized Third Straight Year At KEEN Annual Conference

By January 22, 2013

On January 4, 2013, Prof. Sri Condoor and his graduate student Greg Keogh of Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology received the Excellence Award at the 2013 Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network (KEEN) annual conference. This marks the third straight year Parks College has received an award from the KEEN Foundation at their annual conference.

The Excellence Award was given in recognition of Condoor’s and Keogh’s iBook, “Innovation Challenges – Mind Workouts for Teams”.

The iBook illustrates mind exercises that are carefully crafted to create experiences that encourage the development of an entrepreneurial mindset. The iBook is based on a set of Weekly Innovation Challenges that were first used at Parks College during the Fall ’11 and Spring ’12 semesters.  The Weekly Innovation Challenge program creates an extracurricular ecosystem where participants (students, staff, and faculty) compete in stimulating team-based innovation games.

“The Kern Family Foundation is pleased to recognize the iBook as a great resource for engineering educators,” said Doug Melton, Program Director for the KEEN Foundation. “We recognize the iBook as a publication that will help engineering educators do what they do best, inspire students to excel and plant seeds for developing an entrepreneurial engineering mindset.”

The iBook was written carefully to help others to easily mimic the exercises as well as adapt the challenges if needed. The challenges are detailed as a combination of the challenge description, supply list, learning outcomes, possible variations, and facilitator tips for effectively preparing the end users for deploying the challenges. Pictures of resulting artifacts and the reflective videos of participants, judges and observers provide a good understanding of what to expect at the end of the challenge. The intended audiences range from high school instructors teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines, to engineering faculty, outreach coordinators, and student organizations leaders.

KEEN is a collaboration of 19 universities around the U.S. that strive to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in undergraduate engineering students. KEEN’s mission is to graduate engineers who will contribute to business success; and in doing so, transform the American workforce.

To download the new iBook

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