Retrollect Mixes Technology With Nostalgia

By March 11, 2011

Over near my college campus in downtown Des Moines, there’s a great bar called the High Life Lounge. It’s a 60’s throwback complete with shag carpets and wood paneling. They were even marketing it as ‘your grandpa’s basement’ there for a while. It was the best retro I could find…until I downloaded the Retrollect app on my iPhone.

If it’s been a while since you’ve used a View-Master, then get ready for some flashbacks. Retrollect pulls your photos, tweets and even status updates into the eight-picture discs we all know and love. Only these ones won’t get chewed up by the family dog.

I admittedly had a little trouble with the app, which is debuting at SXSW, because I’m one of those slightly-over-paranoid people and didn’t want my locations linked with the app when it would pull my iPhone pictures. Not sure if they’re still working out the kinks, but I haven’t been able to figure out a way to change this….rendering my iPhone pictures useless.

Once I was able to pull some shot from my Facebook page, though, I had a great little disk to show off. Flipping through the slides with a bit of grunginess added in for effect was a fun way to show off the pictures of my kid drawing on her face with markers. It’s simple to use, and provides a fun way to look at your snaps from various sources all in one spot.

This isn’t one of those apps you’ll use on a daily basis, but when you need to throwback to the good ‘ol times in your grandpa’s basement, you’ll know right where to land. The app will be available soon on the Android market, but you can grab it now on your iPhone.