Battle Of The Newbie Networks: Is Pinterest Beating Google Plus? [Infographic]

By June 4, 2012

It seems like everyday a new social networking site pops up and claims to be the next game-changer. Most are not, but every once in a while a new one comes along that can play with the big boys. Pinterest and Google Plus are the latest to join the ranks as social media heavy-weights.  However, the two networks couldn’t be more different – one backed by the most influential digital company in the world; the other founded by a (now well-funded) startup with seemingly little influence. It would have seemed like Google Plus was bound of social media greatness and Pinterest would be lost in its digital dust. But in the startup world, things almost never happen as they should.

While both get  trumpeted in almost every user statistic by reigning social king and queen, Facebook and Twitter, they are not far behind. By tapping into Google’s existing userbase, its not surprising that Google Plus beats Pinterest, and even LinkedIn in amount of users. In fact, when looking at all of the statistics Google Plus’ success isn’t all that impressive considering how much marketing, advertising, and product integration Google has put behind it. What is surprising is that in terms of time on site and monthly visits, Pinterest destroys Google Plus. In fact, the average Pinterest user spends 405 minutes a month on the site, the same time as the average Facebook user spends on its veteran network.

So what do you think, is Pinterest dominating Google Plus? Or is this just round one?