OhSoWe, Helping Neighbors Communicate, Collaborate, and Share Resources

By June 1, 2011

Wish you can have more without having to pay more?

What many people don’t realize is the vast amount of resources that are available to them right in their neighborhoods.

OhSoWe is an online platform designed to bring neighbors together so they can communicate, collaborate, and share resources. Need to borrow a hammer? Want someone to mow your lawn? Maybe even throw a block party? OhSoWe is a tool that allows neighbors to connect to do just that and more.

Chuck Templeton, founder of OhSoWe, speaking at the Kellogg Entrepreneur Conference

Founder Chuck Templeton puts the idea of collaborative consumption into practice. It is reported that “80% of the items people own are used less than once a month.” The idea behind OhSoWe is that you can use something without having to own it (think library, Zipcar, Netflix). OhSoWe gives neighbors the tools to share resources and skills.  This model not only helps us gain access to more things, but allows us all to save money and conserve resources.

Check Templeton is one of the biggest names in the startup community. During a recent interview, I asked Chuck “why Chicago?” He responded with“why not? Chicago has all the ingredients for starting a business–talented people, access to capital, large customer base, cheap real-estate, access to a variety of services, supportive community, many schools, and more.”

Chuck went on to say that Chicago has its own culture. “We’re not trying to be the next bay area. We’re doing our own thing. There are huge opportunities right now.”

As Chicago’s start-up community keeps growing, we’re excited to see where OhSoWe (headquartered in Chicago) is going.  OhSoWe is taking down the classic old white picket fences, as it continues to bring neighbors together and raise social awareness.