Nebraska startup CompanyCam shows huskers some love with free app

By September 15, 2017

In a show of gratitude and support for its local community, Lincoln-based CompanyCam has announced that it will be offering its construction management photo application free to Nebraska-based contractors for the next year.

The campaign, under the name Homefield Advantage, comes just a few months after the company won $100,000 at the Inside/Outside Innovation Summit pitch competition, which actually served as the impetus for CompanyCam to offer its service for free.

“We had the idea to offer CompanyCam to every Nebraska contractor after winning a pitch competition among Midwestern startups that was held here in Lincoln back in June. We really saw the Nebraska community come together and support these startups from around the Midwest and we wanted to show our thanks,” said CEO and Founder Luke Hansen.

CompanyCam is a photo solution aimed at solving some of the biggest communication problems that are faced by contractors working on various projects simultaneously. Coordinating each of your team members and resources typically involves a series of dead-end phone calls, followed by frustration and, perhaps, an unnecessary drive out to the job site.

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Luke Hansen, Founder and CEO of CompanyCam

According to the company’s LinkedIn profile, “CompanyCam was created by contractors for contractors. We know the headache that comes with phone call after phone call trying to nail down plans and keep everyone on the same page. It’s frustrating and time consuming and if we don’t have time for it, neither do you.”

The company’s app — available for iOS, Android, tablet, and web — is a simple and effective solution that enables users to manage and track field work through “smart photos.”

Users of the application are able to take photos of the progress at a given job site, after which they are instantly and automatically synced back to the office for project managers to review. The application also grants users the ability to draw and take notes on the photos to share important information with their team members and managers.

The photos, which are stored on a cloud-based system, are easily sortable by location (job site), and show who took each photo, as well as when it was taken — effectively eliminating the need for updates via phone calls.

Using this application, contractor teams are able to stay better connected and informed. For managers, the application serves as a valuable oversight and tracking tool; for workers in the field, it serves as an easy method of sharing problems and progress, as well as getting questions answered.

Currently, the company boasts a user base of over 9,000 individuals, and its application has seen over seven million photos taken and one million projects managed — making it the leading photo management solution for contractors.

The campaign to provide the application free to contractors throughout Nebraska is set to kick off on September 18 and last until October 31. Companies that sign up will be able to use the application free for one year from the date they sign up until the fall of 2018 — saving on a normal monthly cost of $12 per user.

Hansen’s decision to show support to the local community is the most recent example of how entrepreneurs throughout the Midwest are banding together with their communities to foster local growth.

The campaign will be celebrated at a tailgate for the University of Nebraska versus Rutgers football game on September 23, in addition to a tailgate before the Ohio State game on October 14.