MIT Student Engineers The Unicycle You Never Knew You Wanted

By December 29, 2011

Unlike its two-wheeled cousin, the unicycle has pretty much been ignored in terms of advancements. No real unicycle revolution has come about since its (debated) debut in the 1800s.

Well, until today.

MIT Student Stephan Boyer has engineered an electric self-stabilizing unicycle. Only slightly larger than its forefather, Boyer’s creation, dubbed the ‘Bullet’, can clock up to 15 miles per hour, but needs to be recharged every 5 miles. Boyer demonstrates the Bullet below though his dorm hallway and as you can see, the Bullet keeps true to the simplistic design of a traditional unicycle, but its much, much cooler.

To be fair to future unicycle revolutionists, Boyer’s one-wheeled wonder isn’t entirely self-balancing – gyro components keep the rider from falling forward or backward, relyng on the rider’s feet to prevent falling to either side. Additionally, the rider experiences a leaning curve, similar to the one you might expect when riding a bike with no hands.

Unfortunately for all of us newly-interested unicyle enthusiasts, Boyer tells that he has no plans on bringing the Bullet to market and is just settling for being awesome.  You can learn more about the Bullet & beg Boyer for a spin here.