Interface Meets Face-To-Face With Weave The People

By February 17, 2011

What makes a great meeting? How do people be authentic when they meet? What happens when people show up as themselves and work together? These are the questions that drive Paul Caswell, founder of Weave the People.

Caswell discovered that for all the meetings that are held in business, people continually miss out on meeting each other. Over time, Weave the People has become a meeting resource for businesses intent on helping their associates engage with one another.

Each ‘weave’ is an interactive visual diagram of a meeting or event, with each attendee already placed in. From a short questionnaire filled out prior to the meeting, pertinent information is gathered to help facilitate conversation and make connections happen. The interface can be adjusted to create graphs, charts and other ways of grouping people that will help attendees make the most of the meeting.

“There’s too much information in the world, and we’re not making use of it,” says COO & Partner Alex Griffiths. “By gathering what’s contextually relevant and applying it to that person at that moment, I think it’s an enormous opportunity for the weave.”

Caswell says that context is the core purpose of the weave. “It’s about the questions you ask and how you connect people. In five minutes it briefs you on who’s in the room, how are they connected, what do they have in common and how can I get more out of this team.”

ComCast, PepsiCo and Leo Burnett are just a few of the companies that have utilized the weave, but they aren’t limited to corporate customers.

“Whenever we share this, people have more ideas for where this could be used,” says Caswell. “We want to weave wherever people meet.”

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