Increase in Ohio’s coding workforce, courtesy of OU

By October 4, 2017

With a rising interest in Ohio’s tech market, the demand for workers focused on software development (and relevant industries) is also on the rise. Thanks to a partnership between Ohio University and Revature, the tech employee supply and demand gap could be bridged sooner rather than later.

Revature, a technology talent development firm, announced its partnership with Ohio University and plans to provide online and on-site coding programs, as well as other technical skills, to Ohio students.

“Employers consistently indicate the need for more college graduates in STEM areas,” said Imants Jaunarajs, OHIO’s assistant dean of students for the Career and Leadership Development Center, adding “OHIO’s partnership with Revature is a great example of how the university is responsive to the hiring needs of employers.”

Not only does the program aim to enhance student employability, but would also provide companies in the region with a constant flow of highly-skilled workers, ready to take on future technological challenges and grow with the region.

“With these programs, we’re addressing the skills gap head-on and creating a pool of talented software developers that have the enterprise-level skills needed to enter the workforce and make an impact on day one,” said Ashwin Bharath, Revature’s chief operating officer. “By partnering with Ohio University, we are addressing the region’s demand for skilled software developers.”

Revature has a well-respected track record of success. Their hiring repertoire now includes workers in Fortune 500 companies, such as Accenture, Microsoft, and Allianz. The company credits its success to a business model that provides, not only 20% savings on hiring costs, but also 70% reduction in a sourcing-to-hire timeframe.

“Our partnership with Revature will help OHIO graduates launch careers as well as fulfill our roles as a talent pool and driving economic force in the region,” added Imants Jaunarajs.

The program is now available for students of Ohio University and alumni alike. For interested parties, registration is free-of-charge on the program’s application page.