Flyover Geeks In 1st Place In Dockers ‘Wear The Pants Project’: 2 Days Left To Vote!

By March 14, 2011

I Am A Flyover Geek from Edward Domain on Vimeo.

This story is an update – Flyover Geeks IS NOW IN 1st PLACE!

Building a New Media company is exciting stuff; I love talking to entrepreneurs, hearing their stories, and learning about their dreams and how their businesses can disrupt and transform our world. (Watch the video above to hear me describe my plan)

Building a New Media company with more employees than just myself takes a little bit of money; and as Flyover Geeks’ traffic continues to grow, I find myself in that middle space between continuing to grow but not yet having quite enough traffic to monetize and do things like pay the electricity bill and stock up on Ramen noodles so I can continue to eat.

Cue Dockers, ‘Wear the Pants’ contest currently taking place on Facebook. In it, thousands of entries have been submitted by people with dreams. The winner receives $100K to follow their dream. (There are over 25,000 entries)

There are TWO days left in this contest, and FlyoverGeeks is in 1st place! Last week FG was over 500 votes behind the leader; as of this writing FG is 103 Votes Ahead and extending the lead!

$100K does some good things- mainly it keeps me working on FG as my only job. It allows me to bring on an editor and allows me to redesign the site the way I want it. It provides all the runway FG needs to get to its next milestone of having enough traffic to support itself.

All along, FG has been bootstrapped by yours truly with cash, blood, sweat and tears. I’ve begged, borrowed and gotten the support of some fantastic people in Chicago and around the country- I have writers in Chicago, Milwaukee, Dallas and Detroit coming on because they believe in what FG can be, and they are working for free right now.

I come from the online advertising world and I am ready to sell FG traffic to ad agencies- with your help FG can win the $100K and get to the next stage of growth and do some amazing things. Consider us the of Tech/Startup News Reporting

If you would like to help FG and see it grow, here is how you can help:

  • Follow this link and allow Dockers to access your FB Page: VOTE Flyover Geeks
  • You will then land on my entry page. Hit the FB “LIKE” button at the top of the page, on the left
  • Hit the big “VOTE FOR THIS PLAN” button
  • Come back once a day for Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday and vote for Flyover Geeks!

With your help, I CAN win- I am closing the gap fast!

Edward Domain
founder, Flyover Geeks