Detroit-Based Backstitch Is Instapaper For Your Entire Web Experience

By September 13, 2012


Before everyone and their mom owned an iPad, people used to start their mornings off with a big mug of coffee and the newspaper, turning to their favorite section first. Not much has changed, except the portal of information. What is your morning web routine? If you are like most people, you probably check your email, check the news, check your social sites, then get to work.

Flipping from tab to tab can get annoying. Sure, RSS solved that issue when it came to content. But our lives on the web are becoming increasingly saturated with more dynamic web experiences. Enter Backstitch, a Detroit-based startup that wants to beautify your personal web.

Backstitch is another entrant into the startup theme that I like to call “powered by design”. The startups that fit into this theme are taking the organization and accessibility of data and making it beautiful. Companies like Vizify and apps like Stamped belong to this category as well.

Backstitch doesn’t rely on design alone. The app is different than other data aggregators because it uses semantic labeling to translate information into descriptive formats such as articles, photos, and products. According to the Backstitch team, “with this common format Backstitch is able to provide a consistent experience (regardless of source) as well as allow for detailed personalization such location search, price limits, and social filtering.”

Jordan and Stefanie Warzecha, who are both graduates of Lake Superior State University, co-founded Backstitch because of their joint frustration with the fragmented web. Jordan Warzecha has previously worked for Ford Motor Company, and has a passion for converting big data into understandable information. Stefanie Warzecha has built user interfaces for tax and accounts receivable systems for Oak Adaptive. Together, they have used their complimentary skills to create a create an app that both saves clicks and looks amazing.

The duo is currently looking for testers to help them refine their private beta. Email [email protected] for access.