Day #2 Of Booth Students Ory & Kim’s “Midterm Experience”

By February 1, 2011

written by Jeb Ory & Jennifer Kim, MBA candidates at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business

Here’s a quick recap of Day 2 of Ory and Kim’s “Midterm Experience.”

They’re off to a strong start. They didn’t trade the GPS but they received their first donation. It was from Scott’s company. They donated miscellaneous office supplies, ranging from pens to binder clips, paper pads and desk organizers. Check and check!

A couple items are now checked off the items of need requested by 180? Properties. Another promising sign is the growing fan base on their Facebook Fan Page, Transforming Chicago, which doubled in size overnight!

The quest continues. What’s going to be next? Is the GPS going to be traded? Or will it be a donation? Or both? Ory reports that someone has expressed interest in the GPS to help with some geocaching adventures, which is a promising development.

Who’s willing to step up to the plate and take advantage of this opportunity to positively impact a great social enterprise in Chicago? Stay tuned with Flyover Geeks and help spread the word. If you have something great to donate, or are interested in a trade, contact jeb at jory (at) chicagobooth (dot) edu.

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