CouponBirds Launches Free Fundraising Platform For Nonprofit Charity Programs

By August 24, 2020

CouponBirds, a free online coupon website featuring over 100,000 brands, has launched their Seedling Project to help nonprofits improve fundraising during COVID-19. The program helps charities get donations from CouponBirds’ over four million monthly visitors.

The Seedling Project allows website users to earn money by searching coupon and shopping on CouponBirds. Shoppers can then donate a portion of these earnings to Seedling Project charities, which receive these funds via Paypal on a quarterly basis. And CouponBirds has made the second-quarter donations of 2020 in July. The program includes no transaction or enrollment fees, and charities can begin receiving funds in as little as 20 minutes. More information on enrolling is available at the Seedling Project application page.

CouponBirds has also provided a number of free tools to help charities maximize donations. Their fundraising thermometer, for example, is a free, easy-to-deploy method which can increase donations by as much as 50%. Non-profits also have access to resources such as CouponBirds’ 301 Fundraising Ideas free of charge.

“The idea for the Seedling Project came out of our earlier ‘Help To Save’ scholarship program,” explained Sherry Zhao, Digital Marketing Manager at CouponBirds. “We love working with nonprofits to help drive their critical work. Moreover, our users are very positive about getting to choose their favorite charities – it’s something that both increases engagement and helps much-needed work around the globe.”

Charities have been particularly hard-hit by economic contraction, with total profits expected to fall 27% this year. Initiatives such as the CouponBirds’ Seedling Project can provide vital online support by giving charities more visibility and engagement with online shoppers.

“We’ve already seen several charities cross the $100 per month in earnings mark,” Ms. Zhou added. “We’re looking forward to even greater charitable contributions in the future.”

Registered charities interested in enrolling can do so at the Seedling Project web page. Total entries are limited, so CouponBirds encourages interested charities to reach out and start gaining donations today.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company

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