Clerical Clarity: Admin Work In The First Month Of Entrepreneurship

By September 27, 2013

“Days of filling out forms and reading about tax implications of small businesses and figuring out the best computer for my business – I realized how I was just delaying the actual work that had to be done.”

You thought you could just dive right into your new venture? The first month of entrepreneurship is punctuated with administrative overheads like paperwork, forms, writing checks, balancing projects and accounts, with a little bit of actual work sprinkled on top. To make things worse, these administrative tasks create an #entrepreneurfail: a perfect storm of procrastination. In contrast, in a new corporate job, there are a few clerical details to take care of… benefits & tax forms, and then you are off and running!

Of course you cannot skip these administrative overheads. However, be mindful of how they may take over as you embark on your journey.   If you can delegate to a virtual assistant or find a vendor, this could help you make some quicker progress.

Key Startup Lesson: Focus on your end goal: sales and building a sustainable business and don’t get bogged down by the administrative details.

How was your first month starting a new business? Let us know in the comments below.

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