Chicago Tech Academy: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic And… Programming

By June 23, 2012


Marcus Hayes is our freshman intern from the Chicago Tech Academy High School in Chicago. He will occasionally contribute articles on technology from the unique perspective he has at his school.

With only three years under their belt and billing itself as a, “21st Century School for 21st Century Leaders,” the Chicago Tech Academy, or CTA, teachers and administration have been working hard to educate their students in the fast growing technology world. The CTA is a charter school built around the idea that immersing students in technology and the digital ecosystem while providing opportunities most high school students never get.

“As a teacher from Chi Tech, I want to take my students on vibrant adventures and encourage them to value the rich magic of their curiosities.” Students learn about technology as well as timeless leadership skills, such as problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity.” said Ms. Romano, a teacher from CTA.

At CTA, students are taught the programming languages JavaScript (JS), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and Cascading Style Sheets(CSS). Students also get to work with Powerpoint, Prezi, and Excel. The school also provides its students with many opportunities, such as field trips to corporations like Hyatt, IBM and Microsoft. Students get firsthand knowledge in professionalism and how to carry themselves through ChiTech’s mentor program – which is set up so students can shadow and learn from successful CEOs in Chicago..

Over the last three years, Chicago Tech has become a recognized school, having been mentioned in Forbes Magazine, and being sponsored by companies like Google, Exelon, and Flashpoint Academy.