Chicago Startup Foodie Registry Expands To San Francisco & New York In One Month

By March 28, 2011

Co-founders Jennifer and Ben of Foodie Registry founded their business in 2010 because of a problem they experienced when they got married.

“We didn’t get married in our early 20’s, so we didn’t need all the stuff young newlyweds normally do,” said Ben. “We did know we liked to eat out a lot since we didn’t cook much, and the idea of Foodie Registry was born from there.”

The concept of Foodie Registry is dead simple: Instead of registering for things like pots and pans and picture frames, Foodie Registry lets soon to be wed couples register for gift certificates to their favorite restaurants.

“We had no idea how to program anything when we started,” said Ben. “But the Internet has a lot of great resources out there for someone determined to make their own way.”

Having his wife Jennifer help, the two made slow and steady progress getting Foodie Registry up and running.

On march 1st, Foodie Registry launched in San Francisco and this morning officially launched in New York .

“We’re excited to be able to bring our unique concept to New York wedding couples. Nowhere else in the country is there such an array of phenomenal restaurants for post-wedding date nights, and nowhere else do newlywed couples have less space for kitchen gadgets or bed sheets ” said Ben. “We’re honored to launch New York with a great list of initial restaurant partners like the James Beard Foundation (for their Beard House event dinners), Michelin starred PUBLIC, and the historic ‘21’ Club, to name just a few.”

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Foodie Registry co-founders, Jennifer & Ben Reid