Bionic Contacts: Terminator-Like Awesomeness Ahead

By November 22, 2011

Seattle, Washington –  Researchers at the University of Washington are revolutionizing the contact lens and turning it into something any T-800 would love: Bionic Contacts.

The project is being lead by Babak Parviz, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University  noted,”We see screens everyday. Whether it is your alarm clock, your laptop or your cell phone, we may see too many screens when we can put the screens on your contacts.”


bionic contacts, seattle washington

The contacts are composed of a mix of organic and inorganic materials and embedded with electronics that are a few nanometers thick, an LED for projection and a small radio antenna that picks up power for the contacts from an external antenna that beams energy to the lens.

The lenses’s possible applications seem limitless – from video games to checking emails to a ‘Heads Up Display’ (HUD) showing a map of your surroundings.

So enough you’ll be driving in traffic, while someone is playing Skyrim on their eyes in the lane next you. Awesome.