10 Companies Innovating with The Cloud

By September 1, 2020

As businesses continue to adopt cloud services as part of their digital transformation strategies, the ways in which these companies innovate with the cloud are getting more and more diverse.

The demand for cloud services is surging.

Fortune Business Insights predicts that the cloud computing market will reach $760 billion by 2027, and companies like Microsoft are reporting that they are scrambling to increase their cloud capacities to keep up with the demand.

Businesses innovating with the cloud are achieving their goals in a variety of ways.

From leveraging the cloud to help businesses grow at scale to beefing-up cybersecurity while providing affordable data storage, and everything in-between, here we take a look at 10 companies who are at the forefront of cloud innovation.


Data science platform Auquan has all of its IT in the cloud and has been working with AWS ever since its inception.

At the AWS Summit in London last year, Auquan CEO Chandini Jain told The Cube, “We launched straight into the cloud,” adding, “we started with AWS because we were on a startup program with AWS, but then we just really liked the support that we got.”

For Jain and the Auquan team, AWS was their first experience working with the cloud, and they quickly found that “the support was great, and then the pricing worked out great for a startup.”

Auquan’s suite of data science tools enable portfolio managers to identify opportunities ahead of the market and hedge risks while saving time.

Abartys Health

In the pursuit of automating the healthcare market, Puerto Rico-based Abartys Health enlists AWS to bring forth a modernized delivery system that brings patients, providers, and insurers together on one platform.

“Since the company’s inception in 2015, we have been able to achieve extreme growth using AWS,” Abartys Co-Founder Lauren Cascio told AWS.

“We’ve onboarded seven clients, and we have almost one million providers in our database today,” she added.

With so much data being collected, Abartys needed a “cheap storage solution,” and AWS provided the support needed to truly become a data-driven company.


With code management being in the cloud, code managers are able to track their engineers’ output, but making sense of that output is another story, and that’s where Waydev comes in.

Waydev automates codebase analyses and generates reports without needing any input from engineers.

With agile, data-driven solutions, Waydev allows code managers to leverage data to increase their engineers’ effectiveness.

“Our product makes life easier for engineering managers by providing them with comprehensive data on how the team is doing, helping to identify potential issues before they become actual problems, to redirect resources, etc.,” said Waydev CEO Alex Circei.

“Waydev is now trusted by 300+ companies and has had excellent feedback so far,” he added.


CloudBlue provides a host of powerful technologies that lets businesses launch, manage, and scale global marketplaces.

Operating in “68 countries, partnering with 200 of the world’s largest cloud marketplaces and managing more than 30 million cloud subscriptions,” CloudBlue is a “digital technology and services company dedicated to helping providers transform their businesses to compete and win in the as-a-service economy.

On August 19, CloudBlue announced that its marquee event would be going virtual this year.

The CloudBlue Innovators Virtual Forum will take place from October 12-14 where “attendees will learn how vendors are leveraging CloudBlue technologies to innovate their own approach to market, and how CloudBlue can help organization efforts towards intelligent procurement in a procurement IT stack.”


Recognizing that the cloud is only part of the modern data center, NXGN has developed a hybrid solution that lets users store less sensitive data on the cloud while safeguarding more sensitive information in-house.

Backed by 7 Gate Ventures, NXGN is a next generation integrator and solutions provider that gives advanced infrastructure and security to enterprises.

With expertise extending beyond the cloud, NXGN’s hybrid implementations, along with its security and engineering specialists, have delivered advanced integrations, visibility, and insights to the Fortune 500 and beyond.


As a company that helps businesses accelerate their digital transformations, intive provides all the resources they need in their cloud journeys.

No matter where they are in their cloud strategies, from starting off with ‘cloudification’ to cloud-native development and all the way through to cloud deployment, intive is there every step of the way.

“Whether you’re already in the Cloud, considering cloudification or looking to develop a Cloud-native app, we’ll back you up with our extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge,” the company website reads.

intive is also very proud of its diverse team, consisting of people from all types of backgrounds.

Andres Vior, intive’s country manager for Argentina, recently penned a piece for TechCrunch about nearshore business opportunities and its relation to the H1-B Visa ban.


Trusted by industry leaders from all over the world, from Volvo to McDonalds and Logitech, and many more, Hexnode provides cloud-based services for centralized device management while applying endpoint security through its unified endpoint management solutions.

In a nutshell, “Hexnode UEM incorporates mobile device management, application management, content management, security management, modern PC management, and identity and access management,” the team wrote in a TechCrunch article.

This year, Hexnode will be holding its first-ever user global user conference, HexCon20, from December 2-3 with the aim of building and strengthening bonds among partners and clients.

Aikon Labs

Aikon Labs rely on the cloud for its AI-powered solutions that enable workers to consolidate relevant data in workplace communication systems

By trawling through an archive of ‘dark’ data in order to find the most relevant and contextual information for its users, Aikon Labs makes bygone workplace conversations more meaningful and easier to find.

In August of 2020, Aikon Labs launched a knowledge bot for Slack called Ariv, which helps users stay organized by finding and extracting information from Slack channels and messages without having to search for it.


After raising $479 million in February and receiving a $12.4 billion valuation, cloud data warehousing startup Snowflake recently filed to go public, making it one of the most anticipated tech IPOs of 2020, according to Business Insider.

Snowflake continues to innovate in the cloud space, having recently worked with Deloitte to deliver a foundation for a modern data strategy, on top of partnering with the State of California to help make COVID-19 data publicly available via the Snowflake data marketplace.

The cloud data warehousing unicorn has raised $1.4 billion to date.


Founded by two brothers in Seattle, Cloudshim is an up-and-coming one stop shop for for cloud management needs.

Their mission “is to unify and simplify all aspects of cloud management so that our customers can see what’s going on with their cloud infrastructure and identify the cost culprits.”

The Cloudshim platform lets users visualize their cloud infrastructure to help manage costs, maximize return on investment, and save time overall.

After having just raised $120K, Co-Founder Lokesh Taneja told GeekWire, “Most competitor products have gone upmarket, tailoring their product around enterprise requirements.

“This has left a void to be filled for customers that just want a simple and quick way to manage their cloud without heavy contractual processes.”

Disclosure: This article includes clients of an ESPACIO portfolio company