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ITP Looking for Input From Illinois’ Tech Companies

The Illinois Technology Partnership (ITP) is conducting a survey to determine the impact of technology on Illinois’ economy and job growth. The information the ITP collects is used to create a report made available to...  [Read More]

iDealDigs: One Stop Shopping for Worldwide Furnished Short Term Rentals

iDealDigs aims to be the one stop shop for people looking to rent a fully furnished condo, home or apartment anywhere in the world at any time of year. Co-founder Larry Kamin came up with...  [Read More]

ITA Fall Challenge: Keeping Top Talent In Our State

One of the biggest challenges facing technology companies right now is the need to acquire and retain top talent. With many graduates leaving Illinois and headed for the coasts, companies are finding it harder and...  [Read More]

Flyover Geeks Media Sponsor for Startup Weekend Chicago

Chicago November 12-14: The very popular Startup Weekend series of national events comes to Chicago for 54 hours of all out geekery and startup building. Flyover Geeks has signed on as an official media sponsor...  [Read More]

Groupon and eBay Announce Co-Marketing Incentives

Yesterday Groupon and eBay made a big announcement to introduce their “co-marketing incentives” in working together. Featured throughout eBays’ site are Groupons like the type delivered to millions of consumers’ inboxes every day; the catch...  [Read More]

Meetup in St. Charles, IL Tomorrow

For all the suburban followers of Flyover Geeks, tomorrow at the Beehive in St. Chartles, Il we are having a night of networking as well as introducing two entrepreneurs to everyone. You can see the...  [Read More]

Lean Startup Machine in Chicago Nov. 5-7 (Prize Money!!)

Lean Startup Machine is a weekend-long startup competition that conforms to Lean Startup principles, a method of using customer feedback to rapidly iterate your product to reach product/market fit. On Friday evening, the event commences...  [Read More]

Adventures in Epublishing: The Numbers

My first ebook, Into the Shadows, will hit ebookstores on November 1st. Even though writing is an art, it’s also a business.  Some people are very interested in numbers. I know I am. I’m always...  [Read More]

MyLifeRank, The New Social (Motivation) Network

MyLifeRank, termed “a social motivation network” by its team of developers, might entice you to try a new social network if you’re bored of Facebook. Explaining the inspiration for his entrepreneurial undertaking, MyLifeRank CEO George...  [Read More]

Landing And Expanding Big Name Clients Like Comcast – With Paul Caswe...

I met Paul Caswell some time ago at a Chicago networking event and was intrigued by his website Weave The People. The site allows event and meeting participants to connect with other participants and view their relevant info in an easy to use, very visual format. When I ran into Paul at the midVentures Launch conference a few weeks ago, I learned he had Comcast and big pharmaceutical companies as clients. My question was, how?? Watch my interview with Paul to find out how he "lands and expands" clients like Comcast.  [Read More]