Jerry Reynolds
Jerry Reynolds
My name is Jerry R. Reynolds and I am a green tea loving creator of things, with great affection for microfinance loans on Kiva. Founder of Rentul (, Konaa Social Marketplace ( and One Human Project. I love business development and passionate about marketplace UI/Experience. People often tell me that my energy is infectious, I believe anything is possible and live life with purpose. My DNA is 30% Creativity, 11% Hot Chocolate and 59% Hustle. I have been an entrepreneur since I was 20 and over the past 12 years built several companies, some worked and other didn’t. Today, I focus my experience on changing the way we view the online marketplace through social ecommerce and social travel.


Why We Need To Shift Our Focus Of The Open Web

A few weeks ago I found myself at a family dinner, when the inevitable discussion of politics became a topic of conversation.  I love my grandma more than anything, but to her only the government can...  [Read More]

What Are Your Customers Really Worth To You?

The last few days have been excellent, we had a wonderful response to our launch. I’ve always been very active in responding to users but this launch made me re-think customer relations and what they...  [Read More]

A Note To The Ambitious

You may recall that last week I made a post and I was in the gutters, matter of fact I was stuck in a mud pit.  A solo founder with too much work, not enough...  [Read More]

An Open Letter To Entrepreneurs and Mentors

My role at is to talk about my experiences as an entrepreneur. Being days away from a new launch, this time should be exciting and full of positive energy but it’s not. I know...  [Read More]

Anatomy of Startup Development: Social Channels

If you would have spent any time in my office over the last 3 years, you might think I am a spokes person for the phrases: “what is this company doing” and “shoot I forgot...  [Read More]

Anatomy of Design: Color and Emotion

Building a successful company takes immense planning, innovative ideas and focused execution.  As entrepreneurs, we tend to focus on the mechanics of what make our products and services unique.  In other words, we focus on the code,...  [Read More]

Launch dates are arbitrary

Building a startup comes with its far share of unforeseen issues and challenges.  Even when planned properly, the timeline for a feature or service is arbitrary to our best guess.  This is one way that startups differ...  [Read More]

Good Morning Creativity

There is no secret, starting a company means compromising sleep. Often, we feel hurried to our computers to continue the development of our big ideas.  However, many entrepreneurs will tell you that after the initial...  [Read More]

Startup PreGame: How To Get Started

Many people in the startup industry are guilty of saying “university is a waste of time” but I couldn’t disagree more. I was recently asked “What are some things you wish you had been told...  [Read More]

CEO Sunday: Ideas Are Free

I was in my office today, engulfed by the excitement of a new company launch and the incredible stress endured over the last 12 months getting to this point. Building a startup is brutal process, experiencing the...  [Read More]