JumpStart invests $250K in Ohio startup CompanionLabs

CompanionLabs, an Akron-based startup that helps advertisers make smarter decisions in regards to Facebook advertising, received an investment fund from JumpStart Inc. that amounts to $250,000.  

The startup’s tools offer advertisers analysis and boost their ad performances with features such as Performance Grading, Predictive Budget Recommendations and Automated Bidtesting.

Together with the investment funds that the startup had already obtained earlier the total amount is now worth up to $500,000.  

The news was announced by the company in a press release on December 19. The rapidly growing Ohio startup had only been founded nine months ago and has already managed to collect thousands of advisers across more than 65 countries.   

Recently, Facebook claimed CompanionLabs as the company’s accredited Marketing Partner and provided the startup with Predictive Budget Recommendations to help the company develop its software’s performance-grading and bidding capabilities.

Brian Deagan, the co-founder of the company, was looking towards the potential of the future when commenting on the news in the press release, “Over the next ten years, the majority of advertising dollars are going to flow to three companies — Facebook,

Companion Labs CEO, Brian Deagan

Google and Amazon, hile these companies are nothing short of brilliant in their product development capabilities, there is still a huge gap between where their platforms end and the best practices advertisers need to truly take advantage of them. Our technology closes this gap in an easy, affordable and universal way” he stated.  

Jumpstart is a non-profit organization that has been active since 2004. It offers developmental support to promising startups located in Northeast Ohio who are in their early stages of development. In addition to providing startups with capital, Jumpstart also offers business assistance, mentoring and specialized assistance.  


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