Typecast: A Designer’s New Best Friend

For the artistically inclined (like myself) designing beautiful web pages is no easy task. If you’re proficient enough in Photoshop to avoid this problem you tend to run into another: coding around your design and creating the actual web page. Typecast is a new startup that hopes to address these two problems by empowering users to create beautifully designed and fully coded web pages. [vimeo id=”35188340″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

The Gist: Typecast gives users the ability to design programmed web pages in their browser with beautiful web fonts and real content. Coolest Aspect: Being able to choose between over 700 Typekit font families and others from the top font sources on the web and being able to create an aesthetically pleasing webpage in 5 minutes.

Price: Typecast is free during their beta stages, but upon full release they will charge $15 per month with an option to go Pro. Philosophy: “To give you more time to be an awesome designer, by helping you spend less time on manual changes, re-work and hassle.”  Teaser Screenshots:  

Andrew Torba

Andrew is the CEO of Kuhcoon.com, a Social Media as a Service (SMaS) platform. Andrew is also a senior at the University of Scranton where he double majors in Philosophy and Political Science with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Over the past year he has researched and documented over 500 tech startup companies from across the globe. Andrew has a passion for entrepreneurship, technology, social media, and weight lifting.

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