The Evolution of Technology and Education Infographic

Throughout history technology has slowly, but surely, made its way into the classroom. Contrary to many of the great philosophers, entrepreneurs often ask the question “why not?” as opposed to “why?”. Education plays an important role in sharpening the critical thinking skills of an entrepreneur. These skills allow them to execute on their ideas and eventually lead them to create new technologies which are then used for learning, not only in the classroom, but also from the comfort of your couch.

This infographic does a great job of articulating the transformation that technology has imposed on education. Although I would trade my Macbook for an abacus in a second for the chance to hang out with Socrates, I think most people would agree that education powered by the cloud is much more efficient.

Inforgraphic courtesy of

Andrew Torba

Andrew is the CEO of, a Social Media as a Service (SMaS) platform. Andrew is also a senior at the University of Scranton where he double majors in Philosophy and Political Science with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Over the past year he has researched and documented over 500 tech startup companies from across the globe. Andrew has a passion for entrepreneurship, technology, social media, and weight lifting.

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